Central to our philosophy is preserving & enhancing clients’ purchasing power.

Without exposing their assets to unnecessary risk. 

Change in the markets is inevitable and can be powerful. So we invest proactively. Flexibly. Opportunistically. With an eye to continuously generating positive long-term, after-tax returns.

We invest over the long-term and maintain steady hands.

Meaning over at least three-to-five years.

We don’t invest in what’s hot, nor jump from trend to trend. Because markets are inefficient over the short-term. Likewise, some companies may underperform in the short-run, but be capable of creating and compounding economic value over an extended period of time. We actively seek out those companies.

Fixed income investments must also meet our extensive analytical criteria.

Predominantly to protect capital and control credit risk.

We manage taxable and non-taxable fixed income securities to produce positive real rates of return over time. Our expertise allows us to invest across the opportunities within the taxable and tax-exempt landscape.

Our process is top-down, bottom-up. Balanced. Value-driven.

Our search for value is broad. Not defined by a single measure.

We do our own detailed, fundamental research: macro- and micro-analysis of companies, securities, economic forces, market cycles, and expected rates of return for different asset classes, all to achieve a more complete and balanced view, and to moderate over-optimism and over-pessimism.